Hi, I’m MugsPubs.

My name is Robyn Mugridge and I’ve been working in the journal publishing industry for about 7 years now. One day I realised there really aren’t many (if any) independent blogs about the journal publishing for people just starting out in publishing jobs. Journal publishing is pretty unique, and it can be a confusing world for people just starting out in the industry. So this is me, filling that niche! The goal of this blog is to breakdown the trends in the publishing industry, and support a few people in developing their careers along the way.

I’ve worked my way up to a senior position in my career from the ground-up at various publishers. I plan on sharing the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my journey (as well as a few hiccups along the way).

Full disclosure, I work at Frontiers as Head of Publishing Partnerships and all blog posts and thoughts are my own and not a reflection of my employer.

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Companies where I have given talks and/or interviews in my career: